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Kimmel Thomas, USCG, and her husband, CDR Steve Thomas, USN, of Norfolk, Virginia; two great-granddaughters, Virginia Eleanor Gearhart and Ella Grace Thomas; and one great-grandson, Hugh Robert Gearhart.

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Roll-Call was completed with everyone stating their nickname. Karla Sidenbender Butler is the new president with Toni Bollenbacher Fisher taking the vice president role.Lady Bird was smart and graduated from University of Texas in 1933 with bachelor degrees in history and journalism and also secured a teaching certificate.While in college, she met 26 year-old Lyndon Baines Johnson, who was going into politics.Born into a farming family, Bob and his siblings learned the value of hard work on the farm.Bob valued education, and earned an associate degree while tending the farm for his family.He flew a B-17 in both the European and Pacific theaters until the war was over.

Bobs bravery is documented in several scholarly books about the war.

The couple were witnesses for God, advising through the scriptures, stressing faith and mercy, and Ruth kept Billie out of the political arena, stressing their work was for God.

The couple had five children, whom she raised also much of the time at their log-cabin home in Montreat NC.

Willshire - Willshire American Legion will conduct services.

Brandon Baker from Praise Point will speak Pancake Breakfast 7- Rockford - Rockford American Legion will conduct services with Rockford Methodist Pastor Chip Steffy to Speak Presale tickets for chicken dinners at the American Legion June 1, 2018 from 5-7 PM Buffet Style Meal catered by the Rockford Carry Out with shredded chicken and BBQ pork sandwiches, cheesy potatoes and green beans.

The wall was once a part of the Little Grain Elevator that was torn down in the 1980's.