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Thanks Startup with interactive 3D education platform needs webgl dev acquainted with Lo D and mesh/texture compression techniques.We need to do dramatic zoom and call scenes on the fly (think going from gross anatomy to a tiny detail in the year, both scenes with over 50k tris on the screen.

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texture uv coordinates, materials, diffuse, reflection, etc.) which are extracted from the corresponding Obj and Mtl files.So what i was thinking was taking the first one, and adding only the particles that are necessary from the second one when the wave reaches a breaking point were it should break apart, or the wave should fall over and create white water.Let me know how many hours you think something like that would take, and what your hourly rate is.We are looking for a Graphics Engineer with real-time rendering experience to expand our 3D platform.Unlike other 3D roles you might find, this role involves building and improving practical 3D applications that have immediate value to the business.We are developing a state of the art 3D presentation tool for education. We need a good webgl graphics programmer, problem solver, responsible and responsive.

You'll face all sorts of fascinating tech challenges.

Requirements: Javascript and Web GL (or a framework like Babylon JS or Three JS) Prior experience building and shipping 3D applications Ability to handle multiple competing priorities in a fast-moving environment Autonomous in setting work priorities within product plans Experience that is relevant to us: Experience with either of the following topics: texturing pipeline, PBR, real-time rendering, procedural texture/geometry generation, geometry processing, linear algebra.

Experience developing CAD applications Experience with Unity or Unreal Engine.

Looking to build out a web-based 3D configurator for our ballistic helmets and the various accessories that these helmets can accommodate. This will be integrated into an e-commerce site but does not need pricing and add to cart integration. Id like to take this demo And combine it with something like this To create a hybrid, and simulate a realistic breaking wave on a shore.

The problem with the first one, is that it doesnt seem to have a breaking point.

Also think a city with 500 windows, inside of each being a room, which needs to be loaded on demand as the camera approaches it.