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Celibacy and christian dating

It’s like there’s this collective fear that if we let the secret slip, then all the hordes of gay people who were going to live a celibate lifestyle won’t buy it anymore. In the past, a variety of social institutions provided us with robust centers of community.

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Our sexuality is but one aspect of our being, of being created in the image of God.Singles of all ages need a constant infusion of the gospel to steward their sexuality as an overflow of the beauty and power that comes from devotion to Christ.“‘Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?Somehow I don’t think he was talking about romance.To follow Jesus faithfully means we need to reorient our values and priorities radically.Teach Christians to redefine their notion of “family,” no longer as a biological reality but as a spiritual one (Matt. Things like small groups, potlucks, programs, classes — the structure is there, but the mindsets need to follow.

After all, Jesus did say that people will know that we are Christians by our love (John ).

In my last post, I discussed the loss of physical touch in American culture and the role it’s played in stripping gay people (and everyone else) of access to non-sexual affection. If you haven’t read my About page or previous posts, this could get lost in the conversation.

I feel the need to clarify that I am a celibate lesbian and fully committed to a traditional sexual ethic as outlined by Scripture.

This two-pronged mission, to love and to participate in Christ’s kingdom-oriented reordering of the world, is for everyone.

Those who are single in this life (short-term or life-long) have this same two-pronged mission, but they live it out uniquely without a spouse and, in part, through consistent and obedient stewarding of their sexuality.

As communal ties slowly decayed, people increasingly stockpiled their relational needs into “the one.” A significant other who gets to play jack-of-all-trades in the person’s relational life.