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" "I have another surprise for you," I said, before adding, "two actually." "You do, do you? "Come home with her after school today and once I leave I want you to get her naked and in a sixty-nine," she said. var voy_time = ; var priv_time = ; = true; var default_gender = 'F'; self.gender_filter_cookie_name = 'webcam_gender_filter'; self.set_my_gender_cookie = function (gender) self.check_gender = function()(); self.get_my_gender_cookie = function () self.debugg = 0; self.show_ts = 1; var cams = ; self.won_from_json = function (a) , 'o' : function (a, b) , 's' : function (a, b) , 'v' : function(a,b) , 'z' : function(a,b) , 'F' : function(a,b) , 'ppm' : function(a,b) , 'h' : function(a,b) , 'G' : function(a,b) } self.dislike = function (a,e) var ref = ; for (var i in cat_counts) var myyank = yank(parent); for (var i in ref) myyank(); } } self.won_url = '/lvswon.cgi?

Rebecca is forced to suck cock for the first time, witnesses a massive housewife lesbian orgy, gets fisted and spanked before being ordered to seduce her best friend.Note 3: Thanks to Robert, Wayne, and Tex Beethoven for editing.Note 4: Normal text writing is present day; Bold is Kimmy flashing back to one of her own sexual encounters or fantasizing about one; italics is the scrapbook stories of our hero Rebecca.Lastly, Kimmy gets herself off after a long night by imagining all the different MILF's she would like to seduce.In part 4: 1950s: Lick and Fuck Best Friends, our protagonist reads about her great-grandmother's seduction of her best friend.1950s: Moms & Daughters I lasted three days without reading anymore of my great-grandmother's stories.

I was trying for a week, but the temptation was too strong. I walked in and out of my friend Eleanor's house all the time... I instantly knew I was going to try the same thing when I had the chance. She moaned, "Ohhhhhh, yes." Before she could orgasm however, I finally gained some control of my legs and tried to sneak away by backing out, but I bumped into a chair.

So I just extended my tongue and tried to make as much contact with her pussy as I could. "Well, Eleanor and I, well, we, um," I began, but wasn't able to say the words. "I have an idea." "Okay, yes she can be a housewife pet? "Likely," she nodded, a look of deviousness on her face. She then added, "And Mistress Madison has requested that I allow you to become a housewife pet, too." I wished I could have seen her face. " Eleanor asked, her tone still implying she was confused and overwhelmed.

She pulled me off my knees and asked, "What do you mean? I reached down to grab my hairband, which had come off during our tryst, and told her the entire story, including the seduction, the pussy pleasing and taking her virginity. "But I need to set it up." "Okay," I nodded, unsure what she had in mind.

Especially her series 'Housewives at Play', 'Teens at Play' and 'Hot Moms'.

Thank you for access to your entire book catalogue as well as your website for this massive series.

Note 2: This is the fifth chapter of a multi-chapter story about one woman's journey of sexual submission and lesbian exploration through the decades and through generations of family members.