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Students graduating with remaining tuition scholarship semester(s) may use these monies only toward graduate or law school study at UA.To be eligible, students must enroll in graduate/law school during the first available semester after receiving an undergraduate degree.

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In addition, a consolidated scholarship letter will be mailed in mid-March to scholarship recipients detailing all scholarship offers that you have received from UA.If you have a special talent or ability - such as music, debate, art, or athletics - that you might like to develop at The University of Alabama, financial assistance may be available to you through that specific department.To find out more about performance-based scholarships, please contact the appropriate department; or for guidance, call Undergraduate Admissions at 1-800-933-2262 or 205-348-5666 for more information.As long as you do not receive any academic credit from another institution and meet the December 15 admission deadline for the year you are applying you will be considered.You must notify the Scholarships department in writing of your year off from school immediately following your graduation from high school.This does not affect any outside sources of aid such as veteran benefits, PACT, external agency and scholarships, privately funded scholarships, federal grants and loans.

Some scholarships can be combined depending on the source; for specific questions please email us.

You can select to defer your scholarship through My Bama (Click the Admissions/Scholarships link then go to the Scholarships pane and find the Scholarship Deferral Request Form).

You will need to contact the department that awarded the scholarship for further details.

No, the scholarship a student is awarded as an entering freshman is based on the student attending UA upon graduating from high school.

If you decline an offer and attend another college/university, you are unable to receive that scholarship if you attend UA at a later date.

No, your scholarship will pay out for any fall/spring semester as long as you are registered for at least one class.