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Son of James Carr Wallen, Big Sandy was a blacksmith and farmer by trade and was a local legend known for his enormous strength.

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The Wallens were Baptist in belief and disagreed with the Puritans on the age at which a child should be baptized.Although we don’t have any actual pictures of Elisha Wallen, Jim Two Crows Wallen is an oral historian who does a good job portraying him. Customers are invited to participate in a survey administered by Maritz CX.Probably the most famous Wallen was Elisha Wallen II, the Long Hunter.He was a contemporary of Simon Kenton and Daniel Boone and helped pioneer Tennessee, Virginia, Kentucky, and Missouri.While it was possible to use a wheel from a 1964 Thunderbird on the rear of a 1965 Thunderbird, that wheel would not fit on the front wheels, and as such was unacceptable for use as a spare tire.

In 1968, the Thunderbird received a new front disc brake design, and with it a new wheel, listed at right.

Let's break down the Ford part number on the box shown at left: C8SZ-7A247-A C = 1960's 8 = 1968 S = Thunderbird Z = Ford Division Service Part 7A247 = Basic part number for Switch - Transmission Control Selector Neutral A = Original design (no revisions) It should be noted that the SW-653 number also identifies this part correctly, and is an additional reference number used by Ford and its suppliers.

It is also a unique number, and changes due to specific equipment options on a given vehicle.

For instance, a part originally designed for a 1964 Ford could often be found on a 1964 or 1965 model Thunderbird, Mercury, or Lincoln as well.

It is actually quite common to find parts originally designed for Thunderbirds on Lincolns, and Falcon parts on Mustangs.

In order to spread out the costs of designing and manufacturing a part, Ford used parts on different models.