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Frustrations did linger, as I found myself playing cat and mouse with an endless dropping of always undesired menus.

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It may be that Tinder does not have any immediate plans to announce the service - keeping it as an exclusive, secretive dating app for VIP users.Twenty minutes later, however, I stumbled across what appeared to be an entirely identical work while perusing the offerings at Faurschou.When I asked the first dealer if she was aware of the existence of the other, she replied (via email), "nope, which gallery?Those who are invited to join Tinder Select can then nominate others - but those nominated singletons can’t suggest other users for memberships.One Tinder Select user said the dating app is “for celebrities and people who do really well on Tinder.”It’s unclear how Tinder decides who joins Tinder Select - but it’s believed to be based on the Tinder Elo score, according to Tech Crunch.It’s not precisely a scientific term, but it’s not a terrible word, either.

Some would just say “lady,” others like calling them “chick with a d***s,” yet the vast majority of us know them as shemales. Online dating has skyrocketed over the past years, and today you have so many niche dating sites that it is practically impossible not to find your match.

Maybe the internet can provide a new, one-dimensional way to consume art, something like Facebook.

But the artwork I tried to buy was on hold and later sold to someone else.

I often buy art from jpgs or catalogues, as long as I trust the provenance and condition, but lets be clear: buying and appreciating art are two different animals.

When you boil it down, the VIP Art Fair is like getting caches of jpgs from galleries that ordinarily wouldnt send you any material at all.

I noticed that sets of ten painted ceramic pots by Ai Weiwei were on offer at both Gallery Hyundai and Galleri Faurschou.