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Lewis says the pair met in April 2015 while Wilson was working as a manager at LA Fitness.They struck up a conversation and learned they had several things in common—or so she thought.

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These are efforts to be more positive and effective in my life.And the first thing he said was, ‘I like your hair.’ I found that very interesting. And I’m taking him the f–k down.” Though Lewis is suing Wilson for damages, her aim isn’t revenge.But he knew that I had been promoting natural hair. She isn’t a scorned lover who just wants to get even; the actress says she wants to help other women avoid a similar fate and she wants LA Fitness to change their policy on background checks, noting they should be mandatory for every employee.“He listened to every interview I’d ever done,” she explains.“He saw me working out in LA Fitness and researched me.It is my opinion that the more salacious a story the more interesting it is.

There are more people beside myself that are hurt as result of all this, including my young children, but I suspect their is a reason no communication was not afforded.

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star Jenifer Lewis is known for serving up witty primetime one-liners, lighting up the stage with her many talents, and being everyone’s strong, tell-it-like-it-is auntie.

It is my opinion that those in her circle decided to do a background check on me, shared what they found and I was never given a chance to share my side of the experience.

I was told not to contact her again and was issued a restraining order and accused of behavior not experienced by Ms. The judge in the case dismissed the action, despite the theatrics of Ms. I understand she is angry, feeling violated and betrayed, at least that is how I interpret her actions, if Ms Lewis had chosen to speak to me about my past first, instead of having such a visceral reaction, I believe all this could have been avoided.

Still, Lewis isn’t ashamed about of what happened to her. The basis of my troubles surrounded a tax evasion case, but more to the point, it is challenging after coming through difficulties to determine how much of ones checkered past should be shared and at what point to share it, most people are not understanding or forgiving.