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Jakarta dating club

Melawai hotel-heard so much about this hotel from wsg. You can spend half the day stuck in traffic and the pollution is so bad it turns your teeth black.

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I used to visit manila at least 4 times a year but think will change direction starting next year...anyway, I'm confirmed going to manila in early oct,2008 so shall see how is it like as it will be in 2mths time... last year when I was there the whole floor is under renovation. Sort of Western (as in Wild West) theme, funny place but not unpleasant. Plenty of hot young Indo girls, mostly late teens to early 20's, 5-8 scale I guess. After we both washed, she lay down, I enjoyed touching her firm body, then I lay down and she sucked me bareback, OK, not great.It does not take long,say 20 mins before a girl came to shake my hand introducing herself!Just ignore her first to test her..she stick loyally to u,u can actually buy her a drink! Hayam Wuruk, just before the Central Jakarta District Court.I just continued watching the girls dancing wildly into the night and must admit that they are really good in it! The imported pussies as informed by the staff at the place is priced for 1.5 million rupiah.Can see 2 girls kissing and dancing one another while on the other corner, a girl was dancing on the table at the same time almost wanted to remove her t-shirt..a scene! Oscar-did drop by on the 2nd floor to have a drink but never exciting there.told the disco is actually downstairs but after paying the bill, when passing by the disco, was all quiet inside, maybe was just too early coz that time was only 9pm! The second place, Hotel is located in Ancol, you're not gonna miss this place for it is located next to the Ancol Toll Road and has a very unique building architecture I have to say that this place is unbeatable.I'm not writing about the club but want to elaborate on some of the girls standing in front of the club. I understand from the taxi driver that she is there for at least a year already and she is good,really good besides pretty of course! I sat at the bar and drank my beer while having the usual 'where you from, you handsome' etc conversation, not unpleasant especially as one of them was rubbing her hands all over me.

Unfortunately she only provide short time service which comes at a price of 500,000 rupiah! As my hotel was far, I paid another 100,000 rupiah for a nearby hotel. Anyway I chose a skinny girl in a short tight dress and said 'OK' to her, she led me upstairs. Vinyl covered bed, I was wondering why she didn't put the sheet she'd brought on it but soon found out.

She even offered herself to follow me back at ibis arcadia at jalan wahid hasyim which I declined politely coz before that, i already screwed 2 girls! actually in Jakarta its all can be special-delivered to your room with cost ranging from 500k - 1 million till morning. Anyway, I just want to inform you all that there are 2 places that you have to go. It is a full equipped place, it has disco, massage, and spa, and for the girls they have both locals and imported pussies (Thai, Uzbekistan, and Chinese (in Indonesia it is called as "Cungko").

As it was late already,she wanted to go home and asked if I can give her some cash for her taxi which I gave her 20,000 rupiah,not more than that! the foreigner cost around IDR 1-1.5million for 1.5only the prosti, u can also fuck the masseur even the china girl for reflex. get a contact (easier to ask from the security) ask them to bring 3-4 girls so u can choose. The price for enjoying the local girls is 350000 for a full service. All the local girls, from my personal point of view are considered as "really beautiful".

She has a solid body despite giving birth to a baby already,gives blow-job but not anal! We both undressed, she washed her pussy, and she told me to lie face down on the bed, my head on the pillow.

The hotel that I was in was hardly a hotel at a residence home actually! She then made up a soapy solution, came over and washed my back with this warm water and then rubbed all of my back, legs, arms etc, first by hand and then with her whole body, breasts, then squatting down with her ass. She was sliding all over me including my by now rock hard cock.

Regretted of arriving early so guys,take note about this coz later realised that all the excitement only starts at 11pm! I’ve never seen or tried place like this before, where you could go down with the girl first in a beautiful hot pool before you nail and bang them in bed.