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Joely richardson dating john hensley

The pair then shared the joint custody of their daughter.Caption: Joely Richardson with her ex-husband Tim Bevan and their daughter Daisy in the year 1995.

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And again, Life takes her to the point where, she decided to divorce with her husband.The young and beautiful Daisy is working hard to make her place in the film industry.Caption: Joely Richardson and her daughter Daisy Bevan in the new BBC series The Outcast in 2015.Despite a tragic divorce, Joely still has a beautiful daughter to remember from her past relationship.Daisy, who is now twenty-four-years-old, is following the footsteps of her mother and her family.She had also set about dating with television presenter and actor Jamie Theakston, They engage till 2001.

Later, Her fortune takes her to make boyfriend, who was also the co-star of her time, and his name is John Hensley.

She had portrayed, through Flashbacks, the younger version of the leading character, which was played by her mother in the film “Wetherby” In 1985.

After carrying on the starring role in Peter Greenaway’s cult success Drowning By Number, She appeared as Joanna Farley in front of mass audience where she portrayed her first major role.

She started her education in London at the Independent St Paul’s Girls’ School in Hammersmith.

Later, she moved to boarding School, The Independent Harry Hopman Tennis School in Tampa, Florida.

Although her fortune takes her to different ups and down in her life, she established her name as the very famous actress in the industry.