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Raja dhody dating daughters friend

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“It’s all to support my friend Jacqueline’s charity,” Ray says of the former American ambassador’s wife, who now lives in India.

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By all accounts, businessman Raja Dhody's life has been an open book.Tailpiece THIS tall and beautiful female actor thinks everyone around her is a fool.Even though she has been dating for the past two years, and is often spotted in the company of her boyfriend and his family, she denies being in a relationship.Songs and roses The fashion gala celebrating 45 years of Pallavi Jaikishan's label was expectedly among the most elegant affairs we've seen in too long.The lush lawns of a Bandra five-star were bedecked with roses ­ the design doyenne's favourite flowers.Her children and their spouses—Bhairavi Jaikishan and Rajiv Tara, Chetan and ), erstwhile royals were walked the runway wearing her dazzling lehengas and saris-- like Nandini Singh Jhabua, Rhea Pillai, Kunwarani Meghna Singh Deo of Patna Bolangir, Orissa, HH Maharani Radhikaraji Gaekwad of Baroda, Princess his second home, considering he seems to spend more time holidaying there than in Mumbai.

Dhody is often sharing pictures in fine hotels, yachts and giant swimming pools, but this one posted by older daughter , respectively.

Bobby began the night with the signature melody of his popular 1997 thriller Gupt, and kept playing tracks from the movie on loop throughout the party, which continued into the wee hours of the morning.”Guests were so incensed at the end of the party that a bunch of people were seen angrily demanding a refund from the manager and the hotel staff.

The tickets were priced between Rs 2,500 to Rs 4,000.

, ambassador of Ireland to India, hosted a lovely soirée to celebrate St Patrick’s Day on Saturday.

The evening saw people from various walks of life - be it sports, arts, or business - come together to have a good time. Rishi said he had wanted his mum to do a foreword for the book, but the matriarch politely bowed out.

There were Kajal Anand, Priya Nathani, Smriti Ruia, Lyla and Zubin Marker and Farah and Riyad Oomerbhoy.