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Sexys chats games

I spent some good time with this game up until I couldn't get any higher in the forth stage. 20 Dr_baconman Rating: 9 By the way, I forgot to mention....

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Movement of the pickaxe is 360, so the little 2D avatar of me (with a 3D hand) can move in amusing ways- most of the initial fun of Sexy Hiking is in playing with your little character and attempting to hike with it. Hiking has blistering difficulty, although I didnt actually feel the usual emotions associated with trying to do something over and over and over. I didnt really care that I wasnt progressing at a fast rate- it was just plain fun to play with my pickaxe.This is quite cruel, really (not to mention a waste of a great concept).As a player, Im tantalized by the prospect of all the fun stuff I can do with the pickaxe; but then boom! Thats the crux of this game: a great concept that unfortunately paints itself onto a canvas that is too hard for most people. It just shortens the length that youre probably going to play it for.The problem with Sexy Hiking being so difficult is that its not going to encourage people to play on.Its a deterrent to all but the most hardcore, challenge obsessed gamers. This site is 18 and some rooms are 21 no Exceptions. All member created rooms are Free with full support from staff.

Im generally not a fan of games that have poor production values.

And first when I clicked on Credits button some error come up! I will say that I did use a lot of the save/load feature that might not have been intended, as well as some glitching that I thought up.

I'm on the third or fourth level, and going strong. 20 Re_jex Rating: -- I tried this game for about 10 or 15 minutes.

20 Mooseyfates Rating: -- Idk why everyone thinks it is so hard. I think the game is quit difficult to master, but I made it past the first level at least!

If you play it for more than 2 minutes you can get the hang of the hiking system. Happy, you are one of those people who download games and expect a masterpeice. By the way, you used a piece of music that was meant for underwater. 20 happy Rating: -- I Wish I never downloaded this game.

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