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The beach’s sand and water are admittedly not the cleanest (a major clean-up is underway), but it’s the backdrop of frenetic resort town and scream-filled theme park dating back 100 years that provide the charm.Certainly no stranger to the "Best Beach" awards, cute little Barafundle takes a small bay-shaped chunk out of the inimitable Pembrokeshire Coast.

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Unspoilt, sandy and secluded, the beach has teeming rock pools and is connected at low tide to rocky Toll’s Island.The water and sands are impeccably clean, while facilities (café, watersports clubs) are tip-top.Wide and wild, with a pretty mix of sand and rocks, Whitesands Bay curves round close to St David’s head.It’s a top spot for surfing, and makes up a portion of the famous Pembrokeshire Coast Path.On a sunny day, the sea turns a deep and mesmerizing sapphire blue.This little island in the Atlantic has some big beach game.

From the southern coast of England to the northern reaches of Scotland, these are the UK's best beaches.

The sea might be perpetually chilly but hardy surfers still flock here in their droves, which explains the number of surf schools, pro-surf events and rental shops in town.

Boldly facing the icy North Atlantic blasts on Scotland's northwestern coast, Sandwood Bay certainly makes for a brisk beach trip.

Cast iron figures of Gormley’s own body look out to sea and appear and disappear beneath the waters with the ebb and flow of the tide, and are dotted about over 2 miles of the beach – a spooky but beautiful sight.

Famous Porthcurno beach lies close to England’s westernmost portion of land, Land’s End.

Brooding Bamburgh Castle, dating from Norman times, overlooks the golden sands, forming a marvellous, moody backdrop.