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Validating string

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Simply put, parameter validation is a means for Windows Power Shell to validate a parameter’s value before the body of the script or function is run.Often parameter validation can significantly clean up one’s code, while increasing performance.

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How to: Validate File Names and Paths in Visual Basic How to determine whether a string represents a file name or path.Google for "java proper case" to find some pre-written snippets of code.A more concise one liner, again case sensitive: Set allowed Titles = new Hash Set(); allowed Titles.add("MR"); allowed Titles.add("MRS"); allowed Titles.add("MS"); allowed Titles.add("MISS"); if (!How to: Validate Strings That Represent Dates or Times How to determine whether a string represents a valid date.Using Regular Expressions with the Masked Text Box Control in Visual Basic Demonstrates how to convert simple regular expressions to work with the Masked Text Box control.What I need to is If Mr Miss Mrs or Ms is entered, then to set that in a Variable (title) if not then to set title as ''Not set'' and print an error, now I know how to the the last part, its the the validation of what the user is entering into the variable I am stuck in...

I have tried using an array but couldn't get it to work and tried if statements, again couldn't get it to function then you can just lowercase the entire thing and uppercase just the first letter to re-normalize your input to what you really want.

Summary: Learn how to simplify your Windows Power Shell Script by using parameter validation attribute. I thought I would ask Glenn Sizemore to write today’s blog about parameter validation attributes.

Glenn Sizemore is a technical marketing engineer in the Microsoft business unit at Net App, where he combines Microsoft technologies with Net App hardware by using Windows Power Shell.

Server side validation is performed by a web server, after input has been sent to the server.

Client side validation is performed by a web browser, before input is sent to a web server.

Finally, if you ever want to make any modifications to the accepted parameter values, you would have to change those values in multiple places within the script.