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Who is david henrie dating 2016

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WATCH: Selena Gomez Breaks Social Media Silence to Share 'Thankful' Message About Her Year Exactly five years after the Disney series' finale, the friends joined forces to imagine what their characters might be doing today, had the series stuck around."You have kids.Alex is for sure single," Gomez, 24, said, while Henrie agreed, saying, "Yeah, Justin has, like, 15 children.

WATCH: Selena Gomez Reveals What's Changed About Her Since Taking a Break"I took 90 days off," she recently explained. It was the most refreshing, calming, rejuvenating feeling.The pair eventually broke up and married people they were not on-screen related to, as it should be. Making things even crazier is the fact that Moffet’s father, Peter Davison, played an earlier incarnation of the Doctor. So she’s married to her onscreen dad and her dad is also her on-screen dad and kind of her husband. As the bride and groom posed for formal photos, Selena left for the reception at the Trump Golf Course in Palos Verdes.As soon as she arrived, she took selfies with her friends overlooking the ocean.""Selena was in a great mood and seemed so happy and excited to see her friends," the eyewitness continued.started dating IRL during the show’s run and even though it is somewhat incest-y, we’re all super happy about it.

Like I honestly might have been fine with them dating on the show. pair played siblings on the screen, but off screen they were not alien to each other’s private parts. Forgive me, but I was running out of ways to say that on-screen siblings hooked up IRL.

But things get a little weirder when the relationship they have on-screen isn’t romantic and it’s family. siblings were rumored to be an item as they were often seen canoodling around town in more than sibling ways. Somehow this is more eyebrow-raising than the sibling hook ups. r wasn’t creepy enough, these two started dating and got married IRL.

I still find this pairing less disturbing than the one between her and Bieber. Maybe it’s the age difference, maybe it’s the fact that it sounds like a search term pervs would look for on a porn site. Although they eventually divorced, art did imitate life when the onscreen brother and sister developed actual feelings for each other during the show’s final season. Way to make a serial killer show even more disturbing. It was already a little inappropriate between the pair, so the duo kept it a secret that they were having a fling off-screen as well.

RELATED: Selena Gomez Reveals She's Taking a Break to Deal With Anxiety, Depression and Panic Attacks Caused by Lupus After taking a near three-month hiatus to better focus on her health, the "Kill Em With Kindness" singer reunited with her former co-star David Henrie for her first-ever Instagram story.

A fitting first for the duo, seeing as Henrie admitted that he helped set up the superstar's Twitter account nearly eight years ago.

She stayed at the reception for several hours chatting with friends and catching up before heading home.", kept his engagement a secret until late January, nearly four months after he popped the question during one grand, romantic gesture.